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"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” - Steve Jobs



This service option is ideal if you seek architectural design guidance and plan to execute your project independently. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts looking to save on service fees while accessing expert advice.

Enjoy a focused session via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, or Google Meeting lasting up to 60 minutes (or via email if you prefer). During this session, we will pinpoint the key challenges you are facing in a specific room or the entire building, providing verbal solutions. You'll receive valuable tips and ideas for your next steps, budget considerations, and additional resources to help you take action.


3D Visualization

Our 3D visualization service offers a diverse range of features, including 3D modeling, photorealistic renderings, 3D floor plans, 360-degree panoramas, virtual reality experiences, and 3D animation walkthrough videos. Precisely scaled measurements are incorporated, resulting in an accurate real-life digital depiction of your project.


Beyond showcasing the design highlights, 3D visualization empowers you to scrutinize every detail, facilitating necessary changes before the construction and procurement process begins. This not only allows for modifications prior to construction, minimizing potential errors and unnecessary expenses, but also serves as a valuable marketing and sales tool for commercial building projects or inspiration for the décor of residential constructions.



Every project has its initiation, where stakeholders convene to discuss the essential steps required for completion. In architecture, this pivotal starting point is the programming stage. Before drafting designs, selecting materials, or choosing a site, the architectural designer engages with the client to comprehensively outline every aspect from inception to completion.



Our proficient architectural drafting team is equipped to oversee every phase from the initial planning stages to the meticulous detailing prior to delivering your drafting documents. Whether it's a residential or commercial project of any scale, our in-house experts utilize advanced CAD or Revit industry software to produce accurate drawings that encompass every aspect of your construction project.


Schematic Design

In collaboration with an architectural designer, the first crucial step is to meet and delve into your vision for the project. This initial discussion explores your goals and needs, pivotal factors shaping the project's trajectory. Following this, our architectural designers move on to creating a schematic design—a pivotal phase that offers you the first tangible glimpse of your envisioned project taking shape.


Design Development

After the schematic design phase, the architectural process progresses into the design development stage. While the schematic design provides the initial glimpse of your new building, the design development phase presents renderings that closely resemble the final structure, moving beyond the rough sketches of the schematic design. It's at this point that clients begin to contemplate finer details of the building: the type of flooring, window and door orientations, and potential design elements. This stage, though laden with considerations, is where our experienced architectural designers step in to alleviate any stress that may arise.


Construction Documentation

Procuring meticulously prepared construction documents is pivotal for the success of any building project. Organization is paramount, and we are committed to delivering accurate and superior architectural documentation. This detailed paperwork carries numerous advantages and plays a crucial role in the successful and well-managed execution of your project. While often overlooked, the significance of appropriate paperwork and documentation becomes evident in the smooth progression of construction work.


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Your preferred style is our priority, whatever it may be. We craft spaces that not only cater to your functional needs but also resonate with your personality and spatial preferences.

While many clients are drawn to us for our bold, unique, and well-organized interiors, we welcome every design style, from mid-century modern to new traditional, and everything in between.

The essence of our designs can be summarized as eclectic, storied, classic, bold, timeless, and thoughtful, featuring masterful use of color, pattern-mix, and textures.

Will you be next? Let's embark on creating your ideal version of a luxurious experience.

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