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Together let's build the future

Juntero is a design-led and tech-savvy company that offers end-to-end services with integrated teams. We connect humans, systems, and machines. We are a network of high-performing, specialized, experienced professionals with a passion for design and technology. We specialize in customized solutions that apply the most advanced solutions, tools, and techniques that guarantee quality and future proof solutions.

Our services are divided into two studios: Design + Technology

Design __ Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Photo Editing

Technology __ Home Automation, PC Customization, Technology Consulting, Web Design


We combine strategy, design, and technology to craft the future. Whether it's consumer experiences, business intelligence, or building automation, we create valued human experiences in both physical and digital realms.

Free Consultation

Feel free to reach out to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation. Whether in person or virtually, we're here to accommodate your preference. There's no obligation or cost involved.

A diverse, global team

We are a collective of designers, developers, and strategists driven by shared values, fueled by creativity, and skilled in technology. Our culture champions execution, fosters continuous learning, and emphasizes development, all while prioritizing exceptional customer service.


At our core, we are committed to building lasting partnerships through the consistent delivery of creative solutions. We elevate brands, streamline processes, revitalize spaces, pioneer cutting-edge designs, and offer top-tier 3D visualization services. From strategy formulation to final execution, our winning formula blends innovative thinking, premier design, sophisticated development, and advanced engineering, ensuring that we continually deliver fresh value to our clients.





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How we work

Maintaining ongoing communication and transparency is essential for client integration. Our experience demonstrates that thorough planning and strategic alignment, along with integrated collaboration and regular communication, yield superior outcomes.


We consider our clients integral members of our team, reflected in our deliberately crafted internal processes that prioritize incorporating clients' perspectives and fostering collaboration.



Their architectural rendering skills are beyond excellent and I enjoyed working with Juntero's team very much. Juntero Design's founder has access to a great team; she drives the design bus in a highly impressive direction - one I would highly recommend. Great team player and highly skilled with talent that truly impressed me. Communication was smooth; Juntero's team is able to execute any and all revisions I gave them in a timely manner. I was proud to display their finished photo renderings and animated walk-through on our Due Diligence Deck and website highlighting the architectural vision we have for the homes we are developing. I will also be happy to hire Juntero for future projects with a bigger size and scope and look forward to what she will come up with next!

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