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SIZE / 3900 SF

The Undercliff is a new construction duplex home that is designed to make a bold impression. The architectural style of the two townhomes was influenced by the concept of cubism and features prominent geometrical features on the facade.


The duplex design creates a linear massing that sits elegantly on the land and follows the natural contours of the site. This approach allows the duplex to blend seamlessly with its surroundings and appear as if it is a natural part of the landscape. The use of a robust, natural material palette, including timber, concrete, and stone, further enhances this connection to nature and gives the duplex a natural and organic feel.


The main entrances of The Undercliff duplex are intentionally designed separately to highlight the individuality of the two townhomes, each of which is a separate residence. Each house has its own unique entrance that sets it apart from the other, providing a sense of privacy and autonomy for the occupants.

Each townhome is designed to accommodate extended families with its four-bedroom, three full-bath, and two half-bathroom layouts. The four bedrooms provide ample space for family members to have their own private spaces for sleeping and relaxing. Each house boasts of luxurious and elegant design, with high-end finishes such as Porcelanosa tiled baths with freestanding bathtubs, master bath double sinks, and stall showers with body sprays. These features provide a spa-like experience and offer a sense of luxury and relaxation.

The two houses are united by a cohesive design theme and language, where they share common elements that tie them together and give them a sense of belonging. These common elements include materials, colors, and bold and striking design details that are shared between the two to create an architectural aesthetic that is stylistically modern.


The Undercliff also includes features such as Anderson windows, a deck off the kitchen to the rear yard, a rooftop deck, two family rooms, laminated glass railings, an open staircase, a fireplace, a full alarm system, a finished basement, and more. These features add to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the duplex, making it a well-rounded and complete living space.


The Undercliff duplex design is thoughtfully crafted to provide luxurious and elegant design features that make it a desirable and comfortable living space, making this a one-of-a-kind project that will be sure to draw attention and admiration.

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