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SIZE / 4000 SF

This contemporary, single-family residence in California is an experiment in materiality, which features a unique front facade with a combination of various architectural elements. Through the use of steel I-beams and concrete in the structural elements, the design emulates a distinct, industrial aesthetic.  This aesthetic is further enhanced through the creative use of timber and metal accents. The combination of these materials provides the home with a rugged, yet polished look that is both eye-catching and timeless. This blend of traditional and industrial materials gives the house a unique presence, setting it apart from other contemporary residences in the area.


Design feature canopy at front which create a shaded space to allow additional parking, Large windows allow for ample natural light and provide views while timber slats are used to cover some windows to create private thresholds. In addition, a large bronze plate creates an interesting contrast to the timber slats, adding a touch of luxury while also providing a more subdued aesthetic. 


The house preserves an existing coconut tree and incorporates it into the design by creating a front porch that wraps around the tree. The facade incorporates drought-tolerant, native plants, emphasizing sustainability and environmentally conscious design.


The overall design of this house demonstrates a harmonious integration of nature and architecture, and can be considered as an innovative concept that creates an interesting juxtaposition between the industrial aesthetic and traditional building materials.

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