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SIZE / 37,160 m²

The Qatar Media Corporation (QMC) manages and regulates all media services in Qatar. The organization includes television and radio broadcasting as well as print. Their location in Doha is centered within a major media zone that includes Qatar Television and the Aljazeera English and Arabic Channels. Currently in a number of separate buildings, QMC is consolidating all of their operations into one master plan that expresses their focus on media, broadcast, and entertainment in series of iconic structures linked together. 

Situated at the cross roads of several major thoroughfares, the facility is designed to take advantage of views from the public side. Those passing by will get a taste of QMC through media walls and video presentations on a grand scale. The new media complex also includes food service, a post office, mosque, health club, banking, travel office, and other amenities. This project was undertaken in collaboration with Perkins Eastman.

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