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SIZE / 4,000 SF

In a collaboration with Perkins Eastman, we were commissioned by One State Street Plaza to renovate the office building's lobby and collaborate with an art installation company called Soflab. We designed the crystalline structure which activates the lobby by casting a range of vivid light onto the smooth and neutral materials. The crystalline structure gives the wall a much more spatial and material-like quality. At each angel the structure is different. The lightweight aluminum structure is clad in 3M dichroic enhancing the variation of color and reflection depending on the angle it is viewed from. Softlab worked with Focus Lighting to come up with a diffused back lit system of LED fixtures that allows for the piece to be lit evenly.

Some colors cause the installation to have a much more monolithic color such as purple, while other colors produce variations between greens and reds. Blue for instance, makes the film completely transparent highlighting the aluminum structure. During the day sunlight leeks in lighting the piece from the outside, while at night it is back lit and acts as a lantern that can been seen from the street through the new floor to ceiling glass façade. As of now, we are currently providing furniture to respond to this color transition. As visitors approach the security desk to see the details of the lobby reflected in the crystalline structure, they will finally be able to lounge and experience the lobby.

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