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SIZE / 3000 SF

Miller is a 3,000-square-foot luxury farmhouse in a pristinely beautiful forestry area that is the perfect blend of natural beauty and luxury living. The location of the home provides advantages by giving each living area a view of the surrounding forest, creating a connection to nature and a sense of tranquility.


The construction and detailing of the home are unique and noteworthy. The exteriors of the home are bold and striking, while the interiors of the home are designed to maintain visual connectivity and a sense of continuity and flow, making the house feel spacious. The use of wood cladding adds warmth and texture to the design, while the stucco walls provide a smooth and modern finish. The design takes full advantage of its natural setting, with large windows and open spaces that allow for natural light and views of the forest to flood the interior.


The custom-engineered construction of the mechanical, electrical, and structural systems allows for a luxury master suite, study room, kitchen and dining area, and a large great room. These additional features create a sense of luxury and comfort, perfect for relaxing and entertaining. The great room features a custom-designed vaulted ceiling with ceiling beams, which adds visual interest and a sense of grandeur to the space.

The main living areas of the home are designed to be open and airy, with a double-sided masonry fireplace as the focal point that creates a sense of warmth and coziness. A wine cellar is included for the wine connoisseur, and the large mahogany deck provides an additional outdoor living space, perfect for entertaining or simply enjoying the natural surroundings.


The bedroom interiors are uniquely modern, with stylistic furniture with neon green accents that add a playful pop of color and emphasize the design. The white-painted walls act as a backdrop for the personalized objects, highlighting the client's personality and style.


The combination of the location, construction, and detailing all come together to create a home that is both functional and visually stunning, making Miller the perfect house for those who seek luxury living and natural beauty in one place.

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