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SIZE / 5000 SF

This residential project is a contemporary design that prioritizes functionality, comfort and craftsmanship. The meticulously detailed exterior facade features premium materials that emulate a luxurious aesthetic. By utilizing a neutral color palette with a mix of materials such as wood, metal, and glass, the design creates a sense of visual interest and dynamism to the facade.


The design strategically utilizes lighting to highlight key design details, such as the offset lintel and columns, which feature subtle variations in color. Large windows, floor-to-ceiling glass facades and skylights are used extensively throughout the design to bring in an abundance of natural light, providing a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor living spaces. This allows for the interiors to be well-lit and bright, giving the house a more spacious and open feel. These fenestrations are segregated into asymmetric proportions using slender, black mullions. Highly reflective glass is used to maintain privacy while also allowing views of the outdoors and bringing in natural light. Different thresholds between the indoors and outdoors are created through the use of timber decks and seating arrangements, creating nooks and corners for the family to enjoy.


Characterized by the use of new technology and materials, this project makes a perfect example of contemporary residential architecture.

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