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SIZE / 6,500 sf

In a collaboration with San Francisco International Airport (SFO), the 4,500 sf boathouse, officially called the Marine Emergency Response Facility (MERF), is located on the SFO North Access Road. The metallic structure, coated with zinc-rich urethane coating, is supported by a 2,000 sf concrete deck, and approximately 100-foot long concrete causeway with a 35-foot long ramp, all supported on precast, pre-stressed concrete piles. The boathouse is ready to assist whenever airplanes get in trouble over the Bay. A plane hasn't gone into the water at the location yet and we hope it never does, but now SFO is prepared with a self-contained command post that boasts direct electronic links to other airports and emergency service facilities. 

Not to mention, it has plenty of marine rescue vessels as well as docking options. The new boathouse will have offices, two jet skis, scuba gear, a Zodiac inflatable boat, a Boston Whaler, 44-foot Moose Boat, medical equipment and supplies. The boathouse is said to exceed the Federal Aviation Administration's safety requirements for airports that operate at or near a large body of water.

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