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SIZE / 4000 SF

This single-family residential design takes a minimalist approach with a strong emphasis on natural light and connection to the outdoors. The theme of the house is one of looking outward, with a focus on enjoying nature and the suburban lifestyle. The design features a long and linear layout, with full glass windows that allow for ample natural light to enter the house, creating a bright and open living space. Seated in the middle of a lush garden, the family’s privacy is preserved, while providing them with a serene and natural environment to enjoy.


The facade incorporates layers and dynamic expressions, adding visual interest and a sense of movement to the design. The material palette for the house is simple, utilizing a limited range of textures and colors that are monochromatic in nature. The striking white wall finishes are accentuated by bold black trim that creates a visually remarkable contrast on the facade. This creates a cohesive and streamlined aesthetic that allows the lush garden to take center stage and be the focal point of the house.

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