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SIZE / 3000 SF

In collaboration with Siena Valley Club, this contemporary residence is designed to cater to the client’s luxurious suburban lifestyle. The design of the house is introverted, with minimal use of windows to create a sense of privacy and exclusivity. The form of the house aligns with the contemporary taste of the client and is characterized by its bold, geometric shapes that add visual interest and create a dynamic look. 

The material palette combines different textures and subdued colors, setting the tone for the exterior of the home. Premium materials such as marble and timber finishes are incorporated throughout the house, adding to the sense of extravagance. The tempered glass handrails on the balcony create a floating effect, further emphasizing the contemporary design aesthetic of the house. Accent lighting is used to make the house glow and emphasize the exclusive materials used. Planters are incorporated into the design to add a sense of life, color, and vibrancy, without compromising the luxurious aesthetic.


Overall, this contemporary house design is a perfect blend of opulence, functionality and modern aesthetic, targeted for the exclusive suburban lifestyle of the client.

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