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SIZE / 3000 SF

The Albanese is a contemporary single-family home that features an architectural design characterized by the use of contrasting materials and textures. The design is simple and modern, with minimal detailing. Robust materials are used throughout, ensuring that the house will age elegantly.


The exterior of the home is enveloped in a combination of vertical wooden paneling and horizontal concrete panels, creating a bold contrast between the grey and brown hues. The use of various textures throughout the home helps to temper this contrast, giving the home a cohesive aesthetic.


As you approach The Albanese property, the shades of grey in the brick and gravel walkway set the tone for the striking design of the home. The greenery adds a touch of warmth and liveliness to the space, and the combination of greenery and grey brick and gravel walkway creates a welcoming and inviting entrance that seamlessly blends the natural and architectural elements.


The upper level of the Albanese is designed to appear heavier, with its concrete framework box, and the columns that are not immediately apparent. This design choice creates the illusion that the heavy concrete box is resting gently on top of the slender timber sections, creating a sense of weightlessness, and giving it the impression of floating.

The use of concrete and timber, two materials with different weights and densities, gives the house a unique look and adds visual interest to the facade. The use of concrete as the main material on the upper floor and timber on the lower floor also emphasizes the different functions of the two levels. The upper floor, with its heavier material, is meant for private spaces, while the lower floor, with its lighter material, is meant for public spaces.


The house is designed with an open floor plan in the common living spaces, which allows for cross ventilation and generous views of the outdoors. It also ensures that there is enough natural light and fresh air to flow through the house, which can make the home feel more comfortable and spacious.


The movable timber panels that can be pivoted are a unique feature that allows for flexibility in managing privacy. The panels can be adjusted to create different private thresholds within the home, giving the family the ability to customize the space according to their needs. This flexibility of the movable timber panels allows the family to create a comfortable and personalized living space that suits their lifestyle and preferences.

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