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SIZE / 215,000 SF

Brooklynergy is powering Brooklyn to the next level as an international business center. Two new buildings facing Flushing Avenue are grafted to the original building. A glorious, windowed extension running the length of the original 440’ feet of the 29 Ryerson building adds an additional two stories of offices and a tenant-only roof garden reminiscent of the famous High Line. Just yards from the Navy Yards, Turbine’s easily accessible, strategically located 215,000 square feet of 12’ ceiling high office space takes Brooklyn to a higher level of business performance.

This new Brooklyn will be Turbine-propelled. 29 Ryerson welcomes all comers and symbolizes the area’s economic rebirth, the property’s embrace of the Tech Triangle neighborhood, and a conscious effort to integrate greenways into its massive build. In addition to the building’s numerous amenities, tenants will find restaurants, cafes, museums, entertainment and professional sports within easy reach. The approach is to open everything up to what's good in the neighborhood, to nurture what's new, and never to forge the Brooklyn that got us here. This project was undertaken in collaboration with Perkins Eastman.

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